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SR 160 Pahrump Study Recommendations

The map below shows where and what type of improvements are recommended for SR 160 in the Pahrump area.

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SR 160 (Pahrump) Study Recommendations. Recommendations include roadway widening, the construction of a raised median, roundabout installation, and intersection improvements.

The improvements identified on this map are conceptual in nature and subject to change through the planning, environmental, and design process.

  • Widening is recommended along SR 160 from: 

    • Mabes Street to Rainbow Boulevard (east/south side)

    • Lockspur Avenue to Roadrunner Road (north side)

  • Near/mid-term shoulder widening is recommended along SR 160 from:

    • Lockspur Avenue to Roadrunner Road

  • Roundabouts are recommended at:

    • Silverton Entrance (developer-built)

    • Manse (developer-built)

    • Calvada Boulevard

  • Intersection improvements are recommended for:

    • SR 372/SR 160

    • Homestead Road – provide dual lefts

    • Basin Avenue

    • Mountain Falls

  • Emergency light installation at the fire station (near Lockspur Avenue) is also recommended.

Two cross sections. The top cross section is from Mabes Street to Manse Road in Pahrump. The second, bottom cross section depicts Manse Road to Rainbow Avenue in Pahrump.
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