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SR 160
Southwest Las Vegas
Study Recommendations

The map below shows where and what type of improvements are recommended for the Southwest Las Vegas section of SR 160.

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SR 160 (Urban Area-Southwest Las Vegas) Study Recommendations.jpg

The improvements identified on this map are conceptual in nature and subject to change through the planning, environmental, and design process.

  • Widening is recommended along SR 160 from: 

    • Fort Apache Road to Decatur Boulevard

  • Intersection improvements are recommended for:

    • Rainbow Boulevard 

  • Additional operational analysis along SR 160 from I-15 to Decatur Boulevard to review:

    • Corridor constraints

    • Potential ineffectiveness of conventional widening

    • Alternative life-cycle cost benefit

Cross section of the proposed improvements to SR 160 - Ft. Apache Road to Decatur Boulevard..
Cross section depicting standard roadway widening along SR 160.
Cross section depicting the proposed grade separated intersection along SR 160.
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