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SR 159 Preliminary Recommendations

The map below shows where and what type of potential improvements are recommended for SR 159.

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Map of SR 159 depicting preliminary recommendations from CC-215 to SR 160

The improvements identified on this map are conceptual in nature and subject to change through the planning, environmental, and design process.


Roundabouts are proposed at the following intersections:

  • Calico Basin

  • Red Rock Visitor Center Entrance

  • Red Rock Canyon Overlook

  • Red Rock Scenic Loop Exit

Parking and Trailhead

Parking and Trailhead improvements are proposed at:

  • Middle Oak Creek Trailhead  

  • South Oak Creek Trailhead

  • First Oak Creek Trailhead


Traffic Signal

A traffic signal at the Sky Vista intersection is anticipated to be constructed in conjunction with Phase 1 of the Red Rock Legacy Trail in 2023.

Bike Lanes

SR 159 would include a designated bike lane with buffer from the travel lanes in each direction. Demonstrated below.

These improvements will be a coordinated effort between BLM and NDOT.

Image of roadway cross-section of SR 159 from Skye Vista to SR 160

Roundabout Installation

The goal of the roundabout installation is to provide enhanced intersection
traffic control and safety by reducing vehicular speeds through roadway curvature when entering, driving through, and exiting the roundabout.

The installation of roundabouts along SR 159 will provide safer u-turn opportunities, while reduced speeds may decrease crash severity.


Pedestrian & Bicyclist Access

Pedestrian and bicyclist access through roundabouts will be evaluated caseby-case to provide efficient and safe travel through the intersection.

Image of roundabout proposal at SR 159 at Red Rock
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